Stamp River Winter Steelhead Fishing Report

Jan 17 2017 - 3pm

Break in the long cold streak - welcome rain

Stamp River Winter Steelhead January 2017
Water level at boats as of 4pm Jan 17 2017
Finally a break in the cold streak and very welcome. Some rain but not alot so far, the river has come up about a foot and a half and some colour.

For context, this is still in the low level, just more normal low vs what we have been in the past few days

We expect a good push of flow to come in tonight and tomorrow as the upper levels start to melt and that water makes its way into the river.

More rain is expected this afternoon and tomorrow morning. Stay tuned. We will update the graphs as condition change.

Fishing has been tough with the low and ultra clear conditions but his rain will help.

Boats have been getting into 1-2 fish per day, sometimes more and couple of days with none.

Still better than a day in the office!


Stamp River Levels as of Jan 17 2017   Sproat River Water Levels as of Jan 17 2017

Port Alberni Ten Day Weather Outlook

Stamp River Area Winter Regulations - generally:

*see links to full set of legal regulations which apply.
Provincial Regulations + Region 1 Vancouver Island Specific Regulations

  • Single Barbless Hooks
  • Bait ban in middle and upper Stamp River above Girl Guide Falls (The bucket) 250 M above Beaver Creek
  • Bait ban in the Ash River
  • Bait can be used below the Girl Guide Falls on the Stamp River, The Somass and Sproat Rivers
  • No fishing in the Upper Stamp River from the confluence of the Ash River upstream to the Great Central Lake Dam from Jan 1 to April 30.
  • All Wild Steelhead and Wild Trout must be immediately released unharmed.
  • Your basic licence must be validated with a Steelhead Conservation Surcharge Stamp while fishing. Hatchery fish must be immediately recorded on the licence in ink upon landing.
  • The daily limit of Hatchery Steelhead & Trout (combined) is two. If you retain two hatchery steelhead from any water you must stop fishing for the remainder of the day.

Our services are now on the "Winter Program" which mean day charters are available with our without accommodations.  We do provide accommodations for those who require them with a full breakfast and boxed lunches. For accommodations we use the West Coast River Lodge located at the confluence of the Stamp and Sproat Rivers.

Winter Steelhead are a distinct run of Steelhead that arrive to their home rivers during the months of December, January, February, March and leave during April.

The Stamp River System, is known as the SSS. Which stands for Stamp, Somass and Sproat Rivers.  Collectively they have one of the largest returns of winter Steelhead in British Columbia and is considered by many the premier destination for catching these fish.

Is Winter Steelhead on your Bucket List?



Winter Steelhead - Guided Day Trips

Winter Steelhead - Guided Day Trips

Fully guided day trips for two persons by jet boat includes all of the equipment. Trip Details »

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