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Kyuquot June 2019 Salmon and Halibut Fishing Report

Within minutes of our first trip out for the season here in Kyuquot it was obvious what a special season we are in for! Chinook along the surfline within our retention zones has been great fishing.


Ucluelet Salmon and Halibut Fishing Report

the bite in on in Barkley Sound right now with both Halibut and Chinook weighing in daily


Ucluelet Fishing Report

Reports from Barkley Sound this week have been good with Chinook in the teens showing up in the surfline area and inshore islands of Barkley Sound. Great Bear and the Can Bouy on the Bamfield side.


Ucluelet Salmon and Halibut Fishing Report

While there are some changes to Chinook fishing in Southern BC, we are very fortunate that the inside waters of Areas 23-27 remain open at normal limits. Ucluelet and Kyuquot will be the bright light on the BC coast this year.


Stamp River Winter Steelhead Report Jan 29 2019


Stamp River Winter Steelhead Report Jan 11 2019

We have had alot of variability in weather so far this winter with ups and downs weekly. The great snow pack in the mountains is vulnerable to a few days of warm weather and that retain moisture becomes liquid again and makes it way into the rivers and up the rivers go again! This past week was exactly that. We were still fishing but it did limit access in the lower river where waters were really high.


Stamp River Winter Steelhead Report Dec 31 2018

River is still very high but showing promise and clearing up in the upper sections and starting to improve in the lower, with the rate of drop it should be back in shape everywhere in a couple of days.


Late December Winter Steelhead Fishing Report

High Stream Advisory Warning still in Effect Stay away from rivers due to dangers with swift waters, flooding, unstable banks, debris and rising waters. The river has crested and is starting to drop. If temperatures stay low the river should be back in shape in no time!


Mid December Stamp River Steelhead Report

Fingers crossed we get a good Winter run of Steelhead this year. On the heals of such a fantastic return of Fall run steelhead. These fish are genetically different and migrations vary. The Fall run would now all be in the upper river and the Winters just starting to come in. We suspect the Fall run success likely due to the lack of commercial net fisheries for sockeye where they often get intercepted.


Mid November Fall Steelhead Fishing Report

The average return of Steelhead through the Stamp Falls counters to date are normally about 800 fish from June through October with highs over 2000 and lows around 600. This year we are told that over 3000 Steelhead have passed through the counters so far! Fishing has been excellent and seeing some reports and photos of big fish in the mix which indicates a good ocean survival


Stamp River Chinook and Coho on Queue!


Stamp River Chinook and Coho Now Open!

The Salmon moved into the system with the first low pressure system that hit coastal Vancouver Island in the beginning of the month. There has been a steady steam of fresh Chinook and Coho moving in daily. The quality of these fish is excellent and weather conditions have been ideal for ongoing migration.


Kyuquot Fishing Report Aug 2018

11 trips into the season and wow what a great one so far! The Coho showed up in some nice numbers early this season along with some quality Chinook, Halibut and Ling Cod.


Kyuquot Fishing Report July 2018

We are on trip 7 of the season at our flagship location of Kyuquot Sound. The fishing never disappoints and this season is no different. The catches have been good with limits or near limits being achieved on most trips. The size of Salmon have been increasing by the day and this beauty is an example of the 2nd tyee of the season for us.


Ucluelet Salmon & Halibut Fishing Report May 30 2018

Nice catches of Chinook and Halibut are happening on Vancouver Island's west coast right now. Fish are near shore so not running to far out to get them.


Ucluelet Salmon and Halibut Fishing Report May 2 2018

Ucluelet is now fishing and its producing some great catches in both quantity and quality! Been some nice fish in the high teens. With great conditions on so early in the season, its a good time to get your "Spring Fish Fix"!


Winter Steelhead Fishing Report March 28 2018


Stamp River Winter Steelhead Report March 1 2018


Stamp River Winter Steelhead Report

Overview: River conditions remain ideal and dropping to low levels this week and with the cold snap and below freezing temperatures during the day and night, we expect the river to continue to drop.


Stamp River Winter Steelhead Report Jan 28 2018

100 mm of rain in the forecast for the next 24 hours plus rising freezing levels to 2000M tonight could mean a huge amount of water coming into the system. The River Forecast Center has the system on notice to prepare for possible flooding. We will be watching the weather forecast and its mid day update to see if the storm is still on track for our area.


Stamp River Winter Steelhead Report Jan 24 2018

After 5 days of heavy rains, the river has started to drop a little and has stabilized. The freezing level has dropped to mid mountain on the Beaufort Range which is a big help. Since today is the first day back on the water after the blow out, we will have a fishing report for you at the end of today. We see sun peaking through the fog!


Stamp River Winter Steelhead Report Jan 18 2018

Today the river has blown out with the big rains. All trips today, tomorrow and for Saturday have been cancelled.


Stamp River Winter Steelhead Report Jan 15 2018

Even though river conditions this past weekend were good,(week after video filmed) it was a slow one for the teams on the Stamp System. There were a couple fish hooked each day.


Stamp River Winter Steelhead Fishing Report

We welcome the rain this week as it has added some nice flow to the rivers. This rainfall should bring in more fresh fish as well. With snow in the forecast we expect the river levels to remain fairly constant over the next few days.


Stamp River Winter Steelhead Fishing Report

The river has been very low the past few weeks but came up with the rains from the upper watersheds of the Sproat and Great Central lakes. Flow is up and so is some tint, which is welcomed conditions compared to the gin clear low water of last week. There are fresh Winter Steelhead in the system and encounters should improve this week since more options are available with increased in river levels.


Winter Steelhead Fishing Report Dec 21 2017

Some fresh chrome bright Winter Steelhead presented themselves this week from the lower Stamp River. They are right on time! We are also encountering some nice fall run Steelhead in the upper river as well.


Winter Steelhead Report Dec 14 2017

With a much higher than average Fall Steelhead return to the Stamp River this year, fresh fish continue to be encountered in the upper River. Winter conditions starting to appear with the cold and lower water. There have been a couple of fresh fish encountered in the lower river with the main runs of winters expected any day. Our boats are fishing both the upper and lower river right now.


Mid November Stamp River Steelhead Report

The fall season so far has been a good one with numbers of encounters and overall abundance of Fall Steelhead increased so far over recent years. Last week fishing was really good, but we were off the water this week for guide holidays. They couldn't have picked a better week with the big rains and high waters. Would have been a tough week otherwise. Guides are fishing again this weekend in the upper river.


Stamp River Vancouver Island Fall Steelhead Fishing Report

With the majority of the Chinook and Coho runs now in the river, the spawning season begins. With the fall rains, winds and beautiful fall leaves comes the Fall Steelhead "egg munch."


Stamp River Coho and Chinook River Fishing Report mid September

The river moved into the system with the first low pressure system that hit coastal Vancouver Island in the beginning of the month.


Sept 3 Kyuquot Update and Stamp River Opening

Abundance of all species remain as strong now compared to the beginning of the Kyuquot season with limits of Chinook, Halibut and Lings all attainable. Coho are just starting to show up on the surfline working the bait into big balls that the birds are also enjoying.


Late August Kyuquot Fishing Report

The seas have generally been favorable the past few weeks for good fishing with a small south easter that soured only one of the last 14 days. Salmon fishing remains consistent with fish on the beach and offshore at the edge.


Mid August Kyuquot Fishing Report

Fog, Fun and Fishing! This perfect halibut was in the large category which means fish under 133cm. This one was 52 pounds. Fish and Chips! Salmon fishing offshore and inshore have been producing lots of medium size Chinook but no Tyees on this trip.


kyuquot Late July Fishing Report

Quality Salmon, Halibut and Ling Cod! This brute here on the left was 44 pounds caught by Jeff McCallum. It was one of four over 40 pounds caught on the same day. This fish was guided by Felix


Kyuquot Summer 2017 Fishing Report

This season has been nothing short of epic! Limits of Chinook and Halibut have been easily attained over the trips as the weather has been on our side for most of the season.


Early Summer Ucluelet Fishing Report

Day trips running out of Ucluelet are fishing offshore and inshore Barkley Sound with most boats getting their limits of Chinook and Halibut.


Chinook Fishing Early May Barkley Sound Fishing Report

The Chinook Salmon fishing in Barkley Sound has been great with quality fish being encountered. These aggressive feeders put up an incredible fight so be ready for a test of your angling skills!


Spring Chinook Barkley Sound Mid April 2017


Stamp River Winter Steelhead Report March 1 2017

River conditions remain ideal this week and with the look of the weather ahead will be good for the next week as well.


Stamp River Winter Steelhead Report Feb 15 2017

The past week things have warmed up substantially and the freezing level has warmed to near mountain tops. Rainfall and melting snow will raise local rivers from the low winter conditions.


Stamp River Winter Steelhead Fishing Report Feb 4 2017


Stamp River Winter Steelhead Report Jan 26 2017

Great conditions and weather for Winter Steelhead fishing. Most trips have been getting into a couple of fish per trip. Its cold and tough fishing but rewarding when you get into one of the legends.


Stamp River Winter Steelhead Report Jan 22 2017

Last weeks push of warmer weather and precipitation put the river back into ideal conditions for Winter Steelhead. The weather outlook is supportive of these conditions being maintained through out the next week.


Stamp River Steelhead Report Jan 18 2017

The River has rose over 3 feet in the last 48 hours. This rise and there should be more, may push more fresh fish into the system in the days following.


Stamp River Winter Steelhead Report Jan 17 2017


Stamp River Steelhead Report Jan 14 2017

What a long dry cold spell! Sub Zero daily for weeks has the river in low and very clear conditions. While this is still much better than a flood state, the fish are extremely picky!


Stamp River Winter Steelhead Report Jan 1 2017


Stamp River Steelhead Report Dec 20 2016


Stamp River Steelhead Fishing Report Dec 14 2016

The river remains in excellent condition. Just be sure to dress super warm! The arctic cold front has held off all precipitation and the river is in prime winter conditions.


Stamp River Steelhead Fishing Report

River is back into great shape now and Fall Steelhead has been good in the upper river. We have boats in both the upper and lower rivers now and availability all week and weekend.


Stamp River Fishing Report Nov 21 2016

Two trips this past weekend both got into Fall Steelhead in the upper Stamp River. The river is high but it good shape as far a colour goes. With only light rainfalls in the weeks outlook the river will remain in shape and only get better from here on.


Stamp River Fishing Report Nov 16 2016

Finally after weeks of brutal weather conditions, the river has finally subsided to the fishing zone and we are back in the water. Should be a great weekend ahead of us! Fishing tomorrow.


Stamp River Fishing Report Nov 14 2016

The river is still in flood warning phase but starting to ebb.


Stamp River Fishing Report Nov 7 2016

Flood conditions remain in effect for the Stamp/Sproat/Somass Systems. More rain and hurricane force winds in the next days.


Stamp River Fishing Report Nov 2 2016

This past week efforts have switched from Chum to Fall Steelhead, however the continual rains and high waters have been hampering and limiting access. Largely gear fishing with beads in the upper Stamp River.


Stamp River Fishing Report Oct 18 2016

We fished through this past weekends storm and surprisingly most of the increase in stream flow happened in the 48 hours after the storm as heavy rainfalls prevailed. Rivers are moderately high but with good clarity.


Stamp River Salmon Fishing Report Oct 12 2016

We are ready for torrential hurricane conditions here on the island. The river is still in a moderate state and we expect the Stamp to get ugly really quickly with the projected rainfall.


Stamp River Salmon Fishing Report Oct 7 2016

The river rose close to 40 cm in the last 48 hours. This deluge brought alot of sediment and leaves off the trees into the river. Very coloured up and tough in a few spots, better in others.


Stamp River Salmon Fishing Report Oct 2 2016

This week more Chinook have continued to enter the system. Yesterday much to our surprise a new push of Coho also emerged in the lower system and they were biters. The cloudy skies and light rains continue to bring in more Salmon. A few Chum also showing up as well, but not in any numbers yet.


Stamp River Salmon Fishing Report Sept 27 2016

New fish both Chinook and Coho continue to enter the river on an ongoing basis. The water levels and temperatures are ideal for all types of fishing. Gear, spin or Fly have all been doing well.


Stamp River Salmon Fishing Report Sept 20 2016

An exciting week with good water conditions. The cloud cover along with moderate river levels for fall has brought in a big push of Chinook along with the coho.


Stamp River Salmon Fishing Report Sept 16 2016

This past week guests have been having experiences of a lifetime. One fellow has had over thirty hookups in three days! The quality of the Coho and Chinook are beautiful and with a surplus this year retention opportunities also exist.


Stamp River Vancouver Island Fishing Report Sept 9 2016

Stamp System is open and the Chinook and Coho are already instream, going to be a great season!


Kyuquot Vancouver Island Aug 18 2016 Fishing Report

The run so far has been about average compared to the last four years. It has not been the bump of the decade as predicted yet, but there is still time! Fortunately the area that Kyuquot can access easily has provided for good fishing, but no doubt we have had to work harder at it to get limits.


Kyuquot Vancouver Island July 26 Fishing Report

Fishing remains excellent. Guests leaving the lodge with close to limits or limits every trip. Chinook are thick as expected and the average size is PLUMP. The Chinook are on the shoreline now and thick to the edge with great productivity at the five mile mark.


Kyuquot Vancouver Island June 28 Fishing Report

5 days into the season here in Kyuquot Sound and the only way to explain it is that the fishing is absolutely incredible. Today nine boats on the water came in with literally wheelbarrow fulls for each and every boat. Chinook are tubby and plentiful and the halis' are maxing out their size limits.


Chinook Showing on Que

Fishing on Southern Vancouver Island in the Ucluelet area has been successful but not as easy as catches in the Kyuquot region. The Ucluelet trips have been working hard for their fish, but at the end of the day getting what they hoped for.


2016 Salmon Forecast West Coast Vancouver Island April 5 2016

Department of Fisheries and Oceans Preliminary forecasts are out and participants from the most recent set of planning meetings this past weekend are saying that for the West Coast of Vancouver Island this season is going to be the Chinook run of the Decade!


Stamp River Vancouver Island Fishing Report March 15 2016

Shaun, Kevin and Tyler were out under permit to capture brood stock for the hatchery. Great job with some quality fish towards helping out with the future.


Stamp River Vancouver Island Fishing Report March 10 2016

Stamp River has been high now since the beginning of the month and there is no end in the immediate future. Some great catches on the days we could get out.


Stamp River Vancouver Island Fishing Report March 1 2016

Last weeks conditions were great and had welcomed the lower freezing level and perfect river levels. Mixed rains started on Sunday with a really good downpour Sunday and part of Monday. Surprisingly the river levels have remained fairly static since we can see the snowline on the mountains.


Stamp River Vancouver Island Fishing Report Feb 23 2016

e ups and downs of the river with repeating rainfall sequences have stabilized this week as a cold snap has appeared with a high pressure system. The river is in great shape this week. Encounters have ranged between 2-7 fish per day with one strike out last week. Quality fish and fresh fish in the mix as well.


Stamp River Vancouver Island Fishing Report Feb 13 2016

Excellent conditions this week with high water behind us. River clarity is excellent with some colour but not too much. More fish have moved into the Stamp/Somass River system the past few weeks with the major high water events.


Stamp River Vancouver Island Fishing Report Jan 16 2016

Some rain this week has given the river a nice blip in levels and some colour. This weekend there is expected to be more accumulation of rain. So far it appears that way. Fishing has been hit and miss this past week with the low water levels. The best trip of the week was four fish to the boat and another with none.


Stamp River Vancouver Island Steelhead Fishing Report Jan 9 2016

Winter Steelhead fishing is in peak season now but low winter conditions. These waters are common during cold spells when all the moisture is snow in the higher levels. Some big fish in the mix!


Stamp River Vancouver Island Fishing Report Dec 29 2015

This WHOPPER of a Steelhead was released on Dec 28th morning. This was a good day with all boats hooking at least 4 fish per boat. This fish would have made anyone's knees weak!


Stamp River Vancouver Island Fishing Report Dec 22 2015

This week has been a good one with the first solid week of Winter Steelhead season officially under way.


Stamp River Vancouver Island Fishing Report Dec 18 2015

Its official, Winter Steelhead have shown up in the lower Stamp River system! First trip out in the lower this week and 4 fish were encountered. Pictured here is the one of two that was landed.


Stamp River Vancouver Island Fishing Report Dec 14 2015

River is receding rapidly as the freezing temperature is dropping. River should shape up in the next few days.


Stamp River Fishing Report Vancouver Island Dec 11 2015

Rain systems finally start to back off and the upper Stamp River has stabilized. The conditions are very high, we have resumed our upper river trips.


Stamp River Fishing Report Vancouver Island Dec 2 2015

Its been a consistent month for Steelhead fishing on the Stamp River with higher waters, occasional blow outs, receding back to high water conditions.


Stamp River Fishing Report - Vancouver Island Nov 13 2015


Stamp River Fishing Report - Vancouver Island Nov 4 2015

The weather this past week has been ideal for setting up perfect conditions for Steelhead fishing. The occasional hard rains with a rise and subsequent drop in river heights continues to motivate Salmon to spawn and the Summers and Fall Runs to gorge on their eggs.


Stamp River Fishing Report - Vancouver Island October 26 2015

This past weekend Rod Hsu and Kitty were here filming a video website for "Fishing with Rod". They had a great weekend with multiple hook ups on some quality fish. They were guided one day by Kevin and the other by Shaun. Check


Stamp River Fishing Report - Vancouver Island October 16

Well the last weeks big rain event sent the signal for the Chinook to move into the upper reaches and start to spawn and the Chum are moving into the estuaries now. Also the switch turned on for the Summer and Fall Steelhead to feed on the Salmon Spawn.


Stamp River Fishing Report - Vancouver Island October 8 2015

Fishing for Chinook, Chum and Steelhead on the Stamp River Vancouver Island has been excellent the past three weeks. The trend is expected to continue as water conidtions remain moderate to high.


Stamp River Fishing Report - Vancouver Island Sept 1 2015

The Stamp River on Vancouver Island is now open for Salmon fishing. Both Coho and Chinook retention is now permitted. Be sure to consult the regulations for up to date information


Kyuquot Fishing Report - Vancouver Island July 30 2015

The fishing out of Kyuquot this summer remains Excellent. One of the hot spots on Vancouver Island for sure for Halibut, Chinook Salmon and Ling Cod. Look for Tuna fishing to heat up!


Kyuquot Fishing Report - Vancouver Island July 5 2015

Chinook fishing is excellent everywhere around here right now, now need to go far as they are stacked up right against the shoreline and out to the reef. Some really nice halibut coming in as well.


Kyuquot Fishing Report - Vancouver Island July 1 2015

The latest Fishing Report from Kyuquot includes 2 back to back trips limited with Chinook and Halibut Look for some great tides in the coming week!



Ucluelet Fishing Report - Vancouver Island June 4 2015

The latest Fishing Report from Ucluelet, BC on Vancouver Island is showing more fish now on the offshore areas of Big Bank. Look for some great tides in the coming week!


Ucluelet Fishing Report - Vancouver Island

The current Fishing Report for Ucluelet BC on Vancouver Island this week includes the latest Salmon and Halibut updates as well as the weather reports, tides and next weeks expectations.


Ucluelet Fishing Report - Great Tides this Week!

The fishing report in Ucluelet for the week of May 20 2015. Good seas in the morning for Salmon and Halibut fishing with the Westerly winds picking up in the afternoon.


Ucluelet Report - Great Weekend Weather!

This weeks Ucluelet Fishing Report with weather and wind Condition. Amazing sea conditions this week has made it a dream week for guests fishing Salmon and Halibut offshore and nearhshore Ucluelet.


Ucluelet Fishing Report - Early Season

Guided trips from Ucluelet this past week have shown some early Chinook and Ling Cod


Ucluelet & Kyuquot Countdown is on!


Stamp River - Better Conditions

Water conditions improved with the rains this last week, it was coloured up pretty good in the lower but the upper remained fishable through out the rain


Stamp River - Welcome the Rain

It has has been a challenging week with the low and clear waters. We had a few days where we didn't have trips so guides took the welcome time off.


Stamp River - Very Low and Clear

The low clear waters and weeks without any rainfall accumulation has dropped the river into very low status.Gin clear water had made the fishing even more demanding as the fish have every advantage with the visibility.


Stamp River - Levels Dropping to Low & Clear

With the river continuing to drop and clear up the fish have become much more fussy. We had to work hard this past weekend but still managed good results.


Stamp River - Medium Levels & Clear Conditions

The weekend past and week to date has had good fishing again as more fresh fish continue to move into the system.Anglers on the trips have been encountering 4-8 fish per day. There are now fresh winter fish through out the system now and all the way to the most upper reaches.


Stamp River - High and Good Clarity


Winter Steelhead - River Rising Quickly

Pictured on the left is guide Carey Evans with an absolute beauty Wild Winter Steelhead buck (male), it measured 37 inches and if nearing maturity with its very telling colours.


Winter Steelhead - Perfect Conditions

This past weekend the river started to clear up significantly which made for some mixed results on the weekend trips. Some of the groups did very well while others had to work hard to encounter their fish. Reports from bank anglers indicated the same, some people were getting into pockets of fish that were not holding in their traditional areas, they seemed to be on the move.


Winter Steelhead - Rally Time

There are some big fish in the system this week. There are reports from both shore and boat anglers of getting into and loosing some lunkers!


Winter Steelhead - More water, More fish

This past weekend the big rains barely missed our watershed so the river remained stable. There was a surge for sure with some colored water increasing the further down stream you go. The river seems to have peaked from this last rainfall and is dropping again.


Winter Steelhead - Lower and Upper River

There are Winters in the upper river now as well, the fish are moving through quickly and holding in the middle river.


Winter Steelhead - Favourable Conditions

This past week have had some good days and slower days in the mix. Fresh fish continue to move in with the rain falls. They are moving quickly through the lower river and settling into middle river.


Good Condtions - Good Numbers of Winter Steelhead

From the pictures and previous weeks report, you can see that guests have been getting some nice Steelhead on their trips. The water has been a great height and guests have been get a good mix of Hatchery and wild fish. Murphy guides have been pitching to get the Wild Captive Brood Stock needed to maintain the hatchery Steelhead program on the Stamp river.


Fresh Fish Daily - Trend so Far!

Each day we have been encountering at least 5-8 opportunities per outing. If you can make each one stick that is incredible fishing. Best we have seen in years.


Clear, Cold & Silver!

With minimal precipitation this last week the system is in prime Winter Steelhead shape, dropping temperatures this week mean a lengthy stretch of good conditions ahead


Christmas Steelhead?

The river came back into shape and dropped considerably sine the big flood event last week, fish are showing in both the lower and middle with Stamp Falls pool showing some fresh fish daily. This is the "indicator" for us.


River Back In Shape! - Some Fresh Fish Too

The river came back into shape quickly over the weekend with the dropping temperatures. By late Sunday we were back out and into fish. The upper river levels are ideal, still high but good clarity. There are fall fish in the upper with a few chrome winters showing up in the mix.


Flood Receding - No damages to Lodge

It is still in flood levels with major debris coming out. It is still in our back yard and not safe to be near it. We will update our fishing report page


Huge Rain Fall - River Flooding homes and road


Storm Raises River to Expected Heights - Look forward to the drop!

Storm Raises River to Expected Heights - Look forward to the drop!


Big Storms & High Water should bring in more Fish

Even with the storm looming, the upper upper river should still be really good as it stays clear from the Ash River up...weekend plans should still be good to go. Traditionally we see major movements of fish with high water events signaling those in the ocean to head to the streams.


Ideal River Conditions This Week


Cold Condtions River Shaping Up

Four days without rain has brought the river into good fishing conditions. Still very high with fishable clarity throughout the system. Below you will find graphs showing the river levels and rain for the last week and monthly trend..Also below is the local weather outlook for the next week.


Stamp River Conditions Update

The rains were consistent for the last 4 days in the Valley and the river rose significantly this week and is still rising at the time of writing. Although the rains have stopped it will take a day for the river to turn around. The pending cold spell should clear things up pretty quickly. There is also a good chance that the rains this week may have pushed new fish into the system.


Steelhead Season & Cold Snap

A few fish are starting to picked up in the lower part, mostly still fall fish. The upper River has been good this past month with some days off the chart


Fall Steelhead Season in Full Swing

The Steelhead have come out of the woodwork now as the Chinook and Coho have begun spawning in the rivers. Extreme rains hampered us for a few days but the upper river has been becoming back into shape.


Transition week Salmon to Steelhead

Chinook, Coho and Chum are all migrating on time in the local rivers and the Salmon are starting to spawn. The Steelhead have made themselves apparent again in both the Stamp River and neighboring tributaries


Stamp River Strong Salmon Migrations

Chinook, Coho and Chum are all migrating on time in the local rivers. Flows continue to be low, however they are adequate for salmon migration and temperatures are supporting quality fish throughout the systems.



This week the run has been holding back in the terminal areas. Although the water has managed flows and is above the minimum for salmon migration, most of the movement is happening at night.


Salmon Moving in Thick

Both the Chinook and Coho have started to run hard this week. The fishing turned on like a light switch with one day not a fish running and last three with 100's moving through every morning. The encounter rate has been high on both the fly and gear.


Stamp River Opens for Fall Chinook and Coho

The fishing report for the Stamp River will be a good one this fall with all the generous limits ahead of us.


Wicked Salmon

Cheers from Kyuquot! Fishing this week was nothing short of spectacular. Fishing out of Murphy’s Sportfishing Lodge there was an abundance of fish, food and fun.


Kyuquot Kings and Lings!

Fishing offshore of Kyuquot has been steady since the beginning. Catches as anticipated with the big runs are showing true.


Ucluelet Fishing Heats up Spring Days


Stamp River Steelhead & Barkley Sound Salmon

Barkley Sound is heating up with early Columbia Chinook Salmon now feeding in the area. These are mature fish and the bite is on. Our boats will be starting up next week inshore and offshore areas.


Stamp River Steelhead - Spring Fishing

Good conditions continue to favour fishing in the Upper river for the beginning of the Spring Steelhead season.


Stamp River Steelhead Report - Medium Low Water

Its been a steady two weeks on the Stamp. The river finally came out of its drought conditions with intermittent rains and some snow accumulations now melting.


Stamp River Steelhead Report - Water is up!

A quick update to let everyone know the water is Stamp River Winter Steelhead 2014up in the Stamp. Yesterday it was pretty colored with the run off but should settle out nicely.


Stamp River Winter Steelhead Report

Some good news this week, fresh Winter Steelhead have moved into the lower river system. This passed weekend the guests encountered a number of pockets of fresh fish. One of the boats got into five nice bright fish.


Stamp River Winter Steelhead Report

This recent low water spell must has been a new rainfall record for for November and December. I can only remember one other year like this one. I can remember it but I couldn’t tell you what year. We have been having intermittent rain the last 6 days and looks like the trend for the next week or so. The lower river has started to rise and hopefully we will get a good flush to get us going.


Stamp River Steelhead Fishing Report

No appreciable amount of rainfall has presented itself yet this week so we are still fishing a skinny river in the lower sections and upper river.


Steelhead Wish List - Rain is on the Way!

Recent guests in the lower river this week encountered new Winter Run Steelhead. With the river being so "skinny" this was a great few days and a good indication of what more rains should bring.


Winter Steelhead - Dec 23 2013

The water is still very low but as you know the Stamp always has enough water to bring in fish. This past 10 days we have seen a few small blasts of fish in the main part of the river. The Sproat has been too low to get up but from what I have heard it hasn’t had any good days yet.


Fall Steelhead Season is Now Upon Us

Fall Steelhead Season is Now Upon Us. Salmon Egg eating regime on the Stamp River and neighboring rivers.


Steelhead Eating Salmon Eggs

More river opened up the last week for fishing for Coho and Steelhead. These waters are known to hold both of these species


Transition to Steelhead Time!

Low and cooling water conditions have prompted the Chinook to start spawning. This triggered the beginning of the Steelhead season as they have begun to gorge on the salmon spawn. This event turned on like a light switch.


Good Weather - More Fish on the Move

Perfect conditions for fishing prevail once again on the Stamp River. The very same day that the river came back into shape the spinner fishing for Coho Salmon was on fire with double digit hookups. Although the river is moderate high its clarity is excellent for good boat fishing.


Better Weather on its Way!

After a week of torrential rains local rivers start to drop. With record numbers of fish we also found ourselves with record amounts of rainfall this past week!


Increased River Levels Heat up Spin Fishing Action

We have had great fishing for Coho on the fly since about the 10th of September but that being said we have had a bump in water levels.


More Rains Moving in Fresh Fish Daily

Rains again the past few days continue to push in big schools of mature Coho in the Stamp River system. An unprecedented catch yesterday that for three anglers was over 60 "hookups"


Stamp River Coho Migration Continues Strong

Morning Fog Gives Fish Cover for Migration.The migration trend continues to be on par with the early season indications over 28,000 Coho have gone through the Lower River so far.. Here is the latest observations:Through Stamp Falls as of September 8, a total of 22,434 adult coho, 1140 coho jacks, 5099 adult Chinook, 195 Chinook jacks, 88,890 adult sockeye, and 93,470 sockeye jacks are estimated to have passed through the Stamp falls fishway.


Stamp River Coho Fishing Producing Great Results

Stars are aligned this week as cooler than normal water temperatures, morning cloud cover and mid day high tides are pulling in large migrations of Coho.


New Stamp River Coho Run Timing Record Set Already!

New Stamp River Coho Run Timing Record Set ! Sept 4 2013 Over 15,000 Coho in the river already


Kyuquot Final Week - Still in Peak Fishing Conditions

This summer has been unseasonably wet overall. The June season was rainy one and most of July was warmer but still a few south east storms.


Weather and Fishing - Great Trips & Catches for Kyuquot

Weeks worth of flat seas have been a real bonus for us. August is nick named "Foggest" and we like it this way.Fishing just west and south of the Reef has been the most productive for Chinook.


Great Tides Shaping up This Weeks Catches

Fishing within five miles of shore has been the most productive this week. Lots of needlefish down deep on the bottom and all species are feeding on those.


Even on the first evenings which are often slower than the main full days some big Chinook and nice quantities of Coho are being encountered. The afternoons have been windy with the westerly winds but today a welcomed overcast has calmed the seas flat. Warm weather (not hot) is our preferred choice as it means less afternoon wind.


Big Fish Showing In The Mix - Kyuquot

After our first week the catches still remain at an all time high. Just a few short miles offshore and near-shore the salmon fishing has been phenomenal.


Kyuquot Opening Trip Sets New Catch Record!

Opening week guests at both the ship and lodge encountered large abundances of all species of fish that we seek here in Kyuquot. At times some of the species became almost a nuisance.


Transition week to Kyuquot


Ucluelet & Barkley Sound Fishing Report

Another Tyee of the Season 32 lbs! - Better than expected early season. Inshore Barkley Sound and Offshore Ucluelet both producing well. Chinook are 100-140 feet deep and feeding on small Herring.


Ucluelet Fishing Report

First Tyee of the season, weighing in at 31 pounds caught off of Great Bear near Ucluelet.


Ucluelet Chinook and Halibut Season is Officially Underway!

First trip two days full limits for both days on the water Our Ucluelet season is officially underway with a trip on Sunday and Monday catching full limits for both days on the water.


Few Short Weeks Until Ocean Fishing in Ucluelet

Over 25 years for us fishing the early season in Ucluelet. For us it is matter of its the best place to be for the early fishery. No where else has the abundance of salmon and chicken halibut


Still A Few Fish Around

It is getting to the end of winter steelhead and we are still seeing a few nice fish coming into the Stamp, as well as the mix of darker fish and kelts that are heading back out. The recent rains have provided some decent days this week. Not on fire but 3-5 has been the norm for the past few days.


Perfect Water Conditions

The weather has finally started to cooperate for the river but it looks like it is a little late for the lower end. A few are getting into the river and are moving very rapidly through the system. There is a small school at the falls pool (3-5) but that is it for holding fish.


The river has finally changed a bit

I apologize for the lack of reports but you can probably figure out why. No real change for the last month or so. That being said the river is up to nice fishable height now and the odd fish is sneaking through.


Hoping for Steelhead on Valentines

Well its February 14th and still no big school of fish this year. We are seeing a few trickling through and a few of the trips that we have been running have been okay in certain parts of the river.


Looks Like Rain!

Just back from the river. Up about 8 inches and getting very colored. Probably close to be no visibility by morning. Still raining hard. No report from the lower today. All of our guests fished the upper.


Come On Rain!

So far no change in the river from the recent rain. Looking at the local weather, we should see another 30-40mm in the next couple of days. Hope it is enough to move the river. It takes a lot of rain to fill up both those big lakes.