Stamp River - Very Low and Clear

Great time for fly fishing!

March 6 2015

This weeks Highlights:

Stamp River Winter Steelhead on a fly
This past week visiting angler Grant was able to check off "Winter Steelhead on the fly" on his bucket list!

Congratulations Grant! That is not just any Steelhead, that is a beauty fish!
  The low clear waters and weeks without any rainfall accumulation has dropped the river into very low status.

Gin clear water had made the fishing even more demanding as the fish have every advantage with the visibility.

Challenges of clear water aside, this does help those who want to take on trying to get a Winter Steelhead on the fly.  The low waters make this attempt actually practical.

Current Conditions:
Very low and gin clear.

Lots of access with the low water.

Bright sun in mid day but fog in the mornings.

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This weeks weather forecast:

Weekly Weather Forecast

Stamp River Water Conditions (click on image to expand)

*Below are conditions for the Upper River. Middle river monitoring equipment washed out with flood.

Stamp River River Level Last 90 days   Stamp River Daily Rainfall Trend

2014 Regulations:

Hatchery Steelhead may be retained. Two per day and 4 in possession is the limits. A Steelhead conservation endorsement is required on the fresh water license. All Wild Steelhead must be released. single barbless hooks required.

Also note that your licence has to be printed. An electronic format on a device such as an iPhone does not qualify as licence. Steelhead must be recorded on licence immediately upon landing them.

Here are snippets from the Regulations about The Stamp, Sproat and Ash Rivers.

The detailed 2014/15 Vancouver Island detailed fishing regulations are available for download in PDF format.

Winter Steelhead Fishing Options from $225

Winter Steelhead Fishing Options from $225

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