Winter Steelhead - Rally Time

This past week has been a blitz of fish, some big ones too!

Jan 30 2015


There are some big fish in the system this week. There are reports from both shore and boat anglers of getting into and loosing some lunkers!

This is great to see, and is consistent with what we are hearing about the ocean conditions right now off of the West Coast of Vancouver Island.  Coho Smolt are reported by DFO to be at their all time largest size at age this year.  So they are getting into lots of the right kind of "groceries".

Below are two nice ones that were harvested on subsequent days guided by Kevin Barabash and Shaun Evans. One of our boats this past week had a ten fish day! We don't like to even say that since that many fish is just not what we expect on a trip. But regardless that kind of news is worth sharing. The largest of the two was 17.5 pounds and both of these are hatchery fish.

A little more pressure on the river now that the word is out about the good fishing this season.    The river is dropping quickly the last few days so downsize your gear and lengthen your leaders for a more finesse presentation.

Big Winter Steelhead Jan 2015   17.5 pound Stamp River Winter Steelhead

On another note we are thrilled to have been part of a filming for a new Television Food Series called Fresh, Salt & Field. This show is focused on what they call "Go out there. Get your food. Bring it back and share it"  Please check out their show, it just "feels great"....

They also did episodes with Whitetail Deer, Sea Urchins and Pine Mushrooms....all worth viewing!
  Salt Fresh & Field

The river conditions graphs below are generated from the upper system near Robertson Creek Hatchery. The lower system is generally higher and has more color, however this data is still very useful as it will indicate the trend.  The Stamp Falls data system was wiped out with the past flood and not hearing of any immediate plans for replacement.

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This weeks weather forecast:

Port Alberni Weather Forecast

Stamp River Water Conditions (click on image to expand)

*Below are conditions for the Upper River. Middle river monitoring equipment washed out with flood.

7 day water level trend   30 day water level trend
90 day river level trend   January Rain Fall Trend

2014 Regulations:

Hatchery Steelhead may be retained. Two per day and 4 in possession is the limits. A Steelhead conservation endorsement is required on the fresh water license. All Wild Steelhead must be released. single barbless hooks required.

Also note that your licence has to be printed. An electronic format on a device such as an iPhone does not qualify as licence. Steelhead must be recorded on licence immediately upon landing them.

Here are snippets from the Regulations about The Stamp, Sproat and Ash Rivers.

The detailed 2014/15 Vancouver Island detailed fishing regulations are available for download in PDF format.

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Winter Steelhead Fishing Options from $225

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