Stamp River Winter Steelhead Fishing Report

Jan 15 2018 - updated

Good river conditions, Big rain in the forecast
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Stamp River Wild Winter Steelhead Jan 2018
Low Presesure System moving onto the coast
  Overview - Current Conditions
Even though river conditions this past weekend were good,(week after video filmed) it was a slow one for the teams on the Stamp System. There were a couple fish hooked each day.

Their have been some quality fish encountered so far this season and there are fish through out the system now. Somass, Middle Stamp and Upper Stamp river.

With a big low pressure system coming with some significant rain, we expect to see a new push of fish come in.  Typically the big rains bring in new fish.  The fresh water run out from the river to the ocean is the signal to the Steelhead that there is enough water in the rivers, time to move.

It is typical for numerous pulses of fresh fish to move in with each weather system over the winter. There are early runs, mid winter runs, and late runs.  Mother natures way of spreading out the run in order to preserve genetic integrity.

River Gauges
DFO has a series of gauges on the river which we utilize to share information on levels.  There is the gauge at Robertson Creek, Stamp Falls and the Sproat River. 

Stamp Falls gauge is our key indicator that we follow to indicate trends.  This gauge is below the confluence of the Ash and Stamp, so high higher volumes than the one at Robertson Creek which is on the very upper Stamp.The Sproat River gauge is not functioning at the time of writing
. This gauge is very helpful towards indicating the trend but it is a very short river with Sproat lake behind it. The Sproat River gauge which is a few km above where it empties into the Somass River.

For this snapshot I have included the December trend so you can see where we are relatively. Note that early December was a high water event.

Stamp River Water Levels Jan 15 2018   Upper River Water Levels Jan 15 2018

Weekly Weather Outlook

Port Alberni 10 day weather forecast

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