Stamp River Fishing Report

November 1 2016 (updated Nov 3 river levels- Flood conditions)

River very high conditions - Fall Steelhead


This past week efforts have switched from Chum to Fall Steelhead, however the continual rains and high waters have been hampering and limiting access.  Largely gear fishing with beads in the upper Stamp River.

If the water conditions improve so should the Steelhead opportunities. This week does not look like we will get any relief from the rains. We have cancelled our trips for Thursday through Sunday.

Update Nov 2:Stamp River Walter Levels (now at 3.20 as of Nov 32 - BLOWN OUT TOP TO BOTTOM

Update Nov 3: Lower Somass River is in flood stage at bottom end. Stamp Falls gauges no longer providing data. 
I suspect the gauges have been removed from the river, to prevent loss/damage, the last read out was yesterday afternoon at 2pm. The Sproat gauges are functioning and that river rose another full metre in the last 12 hours. We should be peaking by 3pm today. High tide is at 2:45 pm so hopefully that will be the crest in the lower somass.

Stamp River water level 7 day Trend   Stamp River Water Level 30 day Trend

Weekly Weather Outlook

Port Alberni Weather Outlook

Our services are now on the "Winter Program" which mean day charters are available with our without accommodations.  We do provide accommodations for those who require them with a full breakfast and boxed lunches.

Available Dates:

Date Availability
 Nov 2 Wednesday  Cancelled High Water
 Nov 3 Thursday  Cancelled High Water
 Nov 4 Friday  Cancelled High Water
Nov 5 Saturday Cancelled High Water
Nov 6 Sunday Booked
Nov 7 Monday Booked
Nov 8 Tuesday Booked
Nov 9 Wednesday Booked
Nov 10 Thursday Booked
Nov 11 Friday Booked
Nov 12 Saturday Booked
Nov 13 Sunday Booked
Nov 14 Monday 2 boats available
Nov 15 Tuesday 2 boats available
Nov 16 Wednesday 2 boats available
Nov 17 Thursday 2 boats available
Nov 18 Friday 2 boats available
Nov 19 Saturday Booked
Nov 20 Sunday 2 boats available
Nov 21 Monday 2 boats available
Nov 22 to Dec call for availability

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