Stamp River Winter Steelhead Fishing

A historic river known for its legendary Winter Steelhead fishing. Early settlers wrote about these beautiful fish and we are fortunate to still enjoy fishing for them today.

The Fishery

One thing that is very unique and is deeply embedded into the culture of west coasters is Steelhead fishing.  Here in the southern part of BC our Steelhead season starts as winter arrives. Cold high water keep these fish hunkered down in the deepest parts of the river, conserving as much energy as possible, only showing themselves when they are attached to the end of our lines.   Salt Fresh & Field
On every anglers bucket list The Stamp River has become the number one winter Steelhead destination in BC. Learn More ►

Stamp River Chrome bullet Steelhead on a crisp clear day   Stamp River Steelhead On a bait casting set up   On the Stamp River - Great day of fishing for Steelhead

The Lodge

6000 Square feet of log home luxury on the shores of the Stamp River with a staff who know what anglers need when it comes to the "right" services and amenities. Learn More►

Our Lodge On the shores of the Stamp River   Dining at the Riverside Lodge - Great Food - Great Company   Riverside Lodge - Stamp River - Spacious Rooms each with private bathroom

The Service

Your guide team are year round professional anglers who will coach you through every intricacy of the fishery in a way that translates into results. You will be fishing from a jet boat or a drift boat depending on the current water and fishing conditions Learn More►

Fish the Stamp River with Experienced and Friendly Guide Team   Driftingn the upper Stamp River for Winter Steelhead

The Setting

Every boat is equipped with a heater. Combine this with some warm cloths and a fishing licence and your adventure is underway! Only an hours drive for international airports and ferry terminals make this location easily accessible and since there is no remote fly ins, you can stay as little or as long as you like! So close yet surrounded by nature.

Beautiful River Systems

Every boat has a heater
  Surrounded by Nature   With the occassional snow fall

Healthy Ecosystem

Winter Steelhead Fishing Options from $225

Winter Steelhead Fishing Options from $225

Options range from simple guided day trips to packages including lunch and accommodations. You set the agenda based on how many days you would like to fish! Trip Details »