Late August Kyuquot Fishing Report

Perfect weather for fishing - good sea conditions

The seas have generally been favorable the past few weeks for good fishing with a small south easter that soured only one of the last 14 days.  Salmon fishing remains consistent with fish on the beach and offshore at the edge.  There seems to be a different migration pattern for bait fish and they are not in the traditional areas such as Kyuquot reef.  They have been far offshore or just near shore with not much in between.  The size of the fish are in their high teens and low twenties. Only two tyees so far this season, but Tyee week is approaching and the big brass bell is ready for the next ringers!

Kyuquot Aug 20 Chinook Salmon   Jamie Sabey Big Hali Aug 19 2017 Kyuquot Sound

Halibut fishing also has been good all season long.  Sitting on the spots for up to a couple hours has paid off. "Stick and stay, make it pay".  The scent trail of the bait gets to drift down current and any passing halibut pick up on the scent and make their way upstream looking for the source of the scent. When the bite comes on, its probably not a matter of the fish been waiting to bite, but rather the fish making their way to the bait....and usually more than one shows up!

  What a great trip!


The right temperatures are showing up on the satellite imagery maps at locations within our reach, however the chlorophyll waters are not in that current.  We have been communicating with members of the commercial halibut fleet at sea who currently say the fish have not shown up in the typical Canadian locations yet. They too agree the conditions are shaping up for them and are hoping any day as well.

This seasons regulations

This season Kyuquot has seen the same salmon fishing regulations as 2016 which worked very well for the fish and the fishermen.  The benefits are two fold. First; more protection for local Kyuquot Chinook has been designed with the closure of Rugged Point. This specific area is known to hold big dark Chinook staging to head up inlet.

On the other side of the coin, an area previously managed as a slot limit, has now been opened up to normal limits of Chinook. The area from Thornton Island through Spring Island through Double Rocks are previously know as the "corridor".  With big runs coming through, increased opportunities in this area will allow anglers to access those abundant migrating Chinook!

Halibut limits also remain the same as last year. The large fish can be up to 133cm (70 pounds -ish) and the small one no greater than 83cm.


This year Kyuquot is selling out fast and with this incredible news its a season you really want to be a part of.

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