Kyuquot Fishing Report

Transition to Stamp River begins

Final Kyuquot Trip

The Tuna did not come in close enough this past week to even consider a shot at them.  With the commercial fleet focusing over 200 miles offshore and south there was no opportunity.

Anglers however were not disappointed with their catches of Chinook and Halibut this past week.  Abundance of all species remain as strong now compared to the beginning of the Kyuquot season with limits of Chinook, Halibut and Lings all attainable.  Coho are just starting to show up on the surfline working the bait into big balls that the birds are also enjoying.

Next years Kyuquot Schedule has been set and we are over 80% pre booked already, so you may want to get your names on some dates as soon as possible.



The river is open as scheduled and Chinook and Coho opportunities are all lined up for this falls fishery.  Our Stamp River Lodge opens on Sept 11th and runs through Oct 20th this season.

Very limited space remains:

Full Packages with Dining/Accommodation and Guided Fishing: (learn more)

Full Packages Availability Accommodation Night Fishing Day
 1 boat / 1 room (2 persons)  Sept 16th  Sept 17th
 1 boat/1 room (2 persons)  Sept 17th  Sept 18th
  1 boat/1 room (2 persons)  Sept 23rd  Sept 24th
  1 boat/1 room (2 persons) Sept 28th Sept 29th
   1 boat/1 room (2 persons)  Oct 1st  Oct 2nd
  1 boat/1 room (2 persons)  Oct 12th  Oct 13th
  1 boat/1 room (2 persons) Oct 15th Oct 16th
 5 boats / 5 rooms Oct 16th Oct 17th
 5 boats / 5 rooms Oct 17th Oct 18th
 5 boats / 5 rooms Oct 18th Oct 19th

Fall Salmon & Steelhead Fish-Lodge-Dine

Fall Salmon & Steelhead Fish-Lodge-Dine

1 Night Lodging & 1 Day fully guided fishing. Breakfast, Lunch, Gourmet Dinner, Fish Care . Stay as many days that fit your schedule! Trip Details »

Day Charters without Dining/Accommodation (learn more)

Day Charters Availability (no accommodations/meals)  Fishing Date
 1 Boat (up to 2 anglers)  Sept 16th
 2 boats (2 anglers per boat)  Sept 27th
 1 boat (up to 2 anglers)  Sept 29th


This fall is largely sold out but a few prime season dates still remain!

Call anytime, day or evening 250-723-8022


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